Kevin Love shaves head for breast cancer awareness, with assist from Pro Bowl WR Larry Fitzgerald (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

The broken right hand that Kevin Love suffered while doing knuckle pushups last week will keep him from contributing to the Minnesota Timberwolves' efforts to start the season strong for at least a month, but credit the All-Star power forward for doing what he can to contribute to another, more important cause.

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Love decided to shave his head in solidarity with "all the women that have to shave their head because of chemotherapy," since cancer-combating treatments can sometimes lead to hair loss. After making his peace with going full Kojak, Love grabbed a chair at Winston's Barbershop and asked Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, a Minneapolis native who this summer received a humanitarian award for the charitable work he's done with the Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund, which he established in honor of his mother after she died of breast cancer.

Fitzgerald has made several public gestures of solidarity with breast cancer patients, survivors and their families this month, including wearing pink cleats bearing his mother's name and making charitable donations for every ball he catches, touchdown he scores and follower he gains on Twitter and Facebook. Love is following suit, joining with Fitzgerald in promising to donate 25 cents for every view, like, retweet or share of the video above, up to an amount of $250,000, to cancer-related charities. According to the description accompanying the YouTube video, Love's donation will benefit Chicago-based Bright Pink, while Fitzgerald's contribution will go to the American Cancer Society and Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Arizona.

Whether you like Love's streamlined new look or not — it's pretty much the exact opposite of the fresh-faced and youthful visage he was sporting just a few months ago — you can't argue with the cause. If you're of a mind, retweet Love's original blast or grab the link yourself and let some folks know. Remember: ShareBros are CareBros.

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