Kevin Love loses the beard and mustache, looks like a kid

On Thursday, our Dan Devine noted the new mustache of Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love. While Dan was more concerned with whether or not his own mustache could stack up to Love's, he also noted that the power forward's 'stache deserved our attention. For a player with a throwback game, it was a good facial hair fit.

The mustache was short-lived, though, as Love has now decided to go with the fresh-faced look. Check out the photo above, courtesy of teammate Ricky Rubio's Twitter account (and try to forget about his casually prejudiced comments about Mexicans, also available here).

After the jump, see just how different Love looks from his mountain-man look of this season.

Love has had facial hair ever since he's been a nationally notable basketball player, sporting both a Color Me Badd-styled pencil beard and this season's frat-boy-discovers-Bon-Iver style. The new look will take some getting used, too, and right now he looks about 10 years younger than he did only a couple days ago. That's often a good thing, but not necessarily for 23-year-old basketball players.

For all we know, Love will come back later this summer — like, say, at the London Olympics — with a whole new facial hair look. If he's taking suggestions, I'd like to recommend mutton chops. It'll really fit in England, especially if he walks around dressed like a character out of a Dickens novel.

(via Larry Brown Sports)

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