Kevin Love catches up with his father while wearing old man makeup, looks creepily like his old man (VIDEO)

Last month we alerted you to the ongoing cola ads featuring Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving and Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love dressed up as sexagenarians, hustling a group of playground ballers along the way.

Today, we bring you something even creepier than the word "sexagenarian." It's Love, dressed and made up in character as "Wes" from those commercials, meeting his father while sporting old man makeup. Kevin's father, former Lakers forward Stan Love, reacts as hesitantly as you'd expect. Via Kevin's Twitter account, watch:

I'm not sure what to add to this, outside of the fact (not opinion … FACT) that nobody should ever try this. And this is coming from a guy that dresses up like Hal Linden.

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