Kevin James makes a complete mess out of ‘The Tonight Show’

Superfan TV

On The Tonight Show, actor Kevin James took part in “The Tonight Show Fall Classic”, where James and Jimmy Fallon took turns performing their best clumsy fails.

In the first round, the guys were challenged with tripping up and falling down a staircase. James went first performing a quick scurry up the stairs before tumbling down to a score of 25 out of 30. Next up, Fallon took his time executing the trip up the steps and then backward and forward rolled down, ending with a double fall. Unfortunately for Fallon, the host only got a score of 19. However, that round was nothing compared to the chaos that was the second round, when the guys attempted one of the most mundane, yet difficult, common household tasks. The watercooler.

James obviously slayed the second round fail showing off his awesome physical comedy skills, while spilling water out of the jug and all over the set, until he eventually ended up just breaking off the entire handle. But Fallon still tried to outdo him. Fallon’s moves consisted of trying to plant the jug in a planter and also directly into his mouth. Spoiler alert: James won again. Anyone who has refilled a water cooler knows that it’s not the easiest task, so they probably didn’t even need to do that much acting.

In the end, the guys put their talents to the test to see which one of them could fail the best, but it all just ended up being a total mess with spaghetti and meatballs and red wine, oh my!

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