Kevin Hart wheelchair-bound after racing ex-Patriots star Stevan Ridley: ‘This is 44′

Kevin Hart learned the hard way that age isn’t always just a number when he challenged former Patriots star Stevan Ridley to a race and ended up wheelchair-bound.

The 44-year-old comedian took to Instagram to share his message to people in their 40s and recount the 40-yard dash that went awry.

“It’s not a game, respect that age. Respect that age. That age will make you respect it. I was just forced to respect it,” Hart said in a reel. “This is just a public service announcement because ... if you see me out, I don’t want you to be alarmed, but I’m in a wheelchair. ... Why? Because I tried to jump out there and do some young stuff. Tried to go out there and do some young man stuff and I was told to sit my a— down.”

The race started when Hart said he and Ridley “got into a little debate” over who was faster.

“Those who know me know I’m pretty fast,” he continued. “Stevan is an ex-NFL running back, playing for the New England Patriots. Very good guy.”

Ultimately, Hart said he “blew all my s—t.

“Tore my lower abdomen, my abductors — I don’t know what that is, but I tore ‘em,” he continued. “I can’t walk. Sit my a— down. This is 44.”

Hart referred to himself in the video’s caption as “the dumbest man alive. ... I’m done. FML.”

Ridley also shared Hart’s video to his Instagram story, explaining why he’d had faith the funny man was up for the competition.

“I saw @TomBrady do it at your age so I figured you had the juice too big bro!” Ridley said of his former Pats teammate. “My bad @KevinHart4Real! Heal up and keep making us all laugh!”