Kevin Garnett talks Jimmy Butler: Glen Taylor 'Doesn't know s--- about basketball'

Kevin Garnett criticized Jimmy Butler and management for the mess in Minnesota, but didn’t mince words for owner Glen Taylor. (Getty)
Kevin Garnett criticized Jimmy Butler and management for the mess in Minnesota, but didn’t mince words for owner Glen Taylor. (Getty)

The NBA season is upon us, and Kevin Garnett has chimed in on the league’s hottest story on opening night.

The former Timberwolves great spoke on TNT Tuesday about the Jimmy Butler drama in Minnesota and had criticism for both Butler and management.

Kevin Garnett blasts Glen Taylor

While his words for Butler were constructive, he had little love to share for team owner Glen Taylor, whom he had a contentious relationship with at the end of his career.

“I totally understand him,” Garnett said of Butler. “I totally get it. And he’s dealing with Glen, who doesn’t know s— about basketball.

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“He knows how to make money, but he don’t know anything about basketball.”

Garnett’s been down this road before

It’s not the first time Garnett has lashed out at Taylor, and it likely won’t be the last. In a December interview with Vice Sports about his relationship with all of his former teams, Garnett went out of his way to slam Minnesota management.

“I don’t really deal with Minnesota’s upstairs,” Garnett said. They suck. But Boston, all day. You know I’m a C ‘till I die. I always root for Brooklyn. But other than that I don’t really get into too many of the upstairs.”

Garnett’s critical words for Jimmy Butler

While he blasted Taylor Tuesday, that doesn’t mean he let Butler off the hook for belittling his teammates and airing dirty laundry in public.


“I understand what he’s trying to do,” Garnett said. “Just the way he’s going about it might not be the best way to me.

“I feel him. I understand him. I know he’s passionate. But just the way he’s doing it, I’m not feeling that.”

Garnett: Butler’s an ‘A-minus player’

He also referred to Butler as an “A-minus player in our league,” a guy who can make a team better, but not a “super superstar.” He sympathized with the position of the Timberwolves and the idea that they’re not getting enough in return in trade talks for Butler.

That’s up for debate, of course, as coach and president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau has reportedly sabotaged Butler trade talks at the last-minute after reaching terms with the Miami Heat. Thibodeau has long maintained that he won’t trade Butler, and his reported actions back that talk up.


Garnett: Keep it in house

Whatever beef Butler has with Minnesota, Garnett urged him to keep it in house while setting an example for his younger teammates.

“At some point, players got to sit down and be men,” Garnett said. “They’ve got to sit down and talk to each other and they’ve gotta iron this out. And if Jimmy has an issue with the upstairs, I think that he should go upstairs and keep it upstairs.

“J, if you’re listening, man. Follow your heart. Say what you say. But be the example too. Know that people are looking up to you, and you are the leader of their team.”

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