Kevin Garnett has a strained calf, out 'a couple of weeks'

WEEI's Paul Flannery was the first to let us know. Kevin Garnett's(notes) MRI results are in, and the news is encouraging. Relative to his past, of course.

Danny Ainge has the word:

"It's a muscle injury. A strained calf. [Garnett] may be out for a couple of weeks."

A couple of weeks, considering what could have been? Not a bad haul.

The entire NBA community held its collective breath when Garnett could barely crawl to midcourt last night after emphatically dunking home two points against the Detroit Pistons. He needed help to come off the court, and help walking the back rooms and medical offices of The Palace of Auburn Hills.

The scariest aspect of it all was the replays: K.G. didn't jam his knee coming down hard or by landing funny. He clearly hurt himself on the way up, which mirrored the right knee injury he suffered against Utah all the way back in February 2008 -- an injury he's still trying to overcome.

So this new injury to the same leg could have turned the NBA on its ear. Instead, it's a calf strain. Very painful, unable to be played through, but nothing that a couple weeks of rest and a whole lot of potassium can't cure.

Get well soon, K.G. See you in 2011.

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