Kevin Garnett sneaks up on a reporter prior to a game he didn’t play in (VIDEO)

It's very much possible that in one split-second decision, Kevin Garnett gave us more enlightening entertainment in the clip posted above (via The Basketball Jones) than the injured and resting Boston Celtics and Miami Heat gave us in the entirety of Tuesday night's Boston win.

If you missed the game, the AP headline should be more than enough detail: "Pavlovic rallies Celtics." That's Sasha Pavlovic, somehow still in the NBA, leading the league's most storied franchise to a win over a Miami Heat team that might be the favorites for the NBA title in this upcoming postseason.

No Ray Allen, no LeBron James. No Rajon Rondo, no Dwyane Wade. No Chris Bosh, and no Kevin Garnett. Well, save for a bit of pregame creepy from KG, in what was probably the closest he's ever come to a pregame interview in his NBA career.

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