Kevin Garnett ignores Ray Allen, fake-throws elbow at Mario Chalmers, is in midseason KG form (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

Heading into the 2012-13 NBA season-opening matchup between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, one of the primary storylines has been Ray Allen's offseason migration south, a free-agency decision reportedly born (at least in part) of frustration with his role in Boston, the deterioration of his relationships with backcourt mate Rajon Rondo and head coach Doc Rivers, and steak-knife-requiring tension between the sharpshooter and his former Celtic teammates. It's been a whole big thing.

One of those ex-teammates, the legendarily intense Kevin Garnett, famously claimed he no longer has Allen's phone number and that, while he's "very close to Ray" and wishes "nothing but the best for him and his family," he has chosen to no longer communicate with the NBA's all-time leading 3-point shooter. Apparently, that decision extends to sideline interaction.

Here was the scene when Allen checked into the game with 2:45 remaining in the opening quarter:

Garnett doesn't even flinch or show any inkling of a desire to acknowledge Allen's existence, which, all things considered is about as KG a way to handle this situation as we could have predicted. Allen greets his former coaches and teammates and offers a congenial slap to the back of the man with whom he won the 2007-08 NBA championship; KG avoids the situation by lapsing into what appears to be an intensity coma. Great work all around, fellas.

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Earlier in the first, Garnett offered another quintessential moment when he crossed paths with Heat point guard Mario Chalmers while running up the court:

I'd say, "Never change," but at this point, what would lead us to believe that Kevin Garnett A) could change or B) would even have any interest in doing so?

Also, I believe that's two for flinching, Mario.

KG and Ray video via our man @Jose3030. KG and Mario video via nbainfos.

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