Kevin Garnett finally explains how his mysterious hoodie stuck to his head

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Paul Pierce’s number retirement by the Boston Celtics had a number of viral moments. Some of them were touching, like Pierce’s speech. Some were funny, like his son’s antics or the picture of him staring with no emotion on his face as Boston lost by a wide margin.

Some were … just weird, like Kevin Garnett’s hoodie somehow sticking to his head at an extremely weird angle.

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Yes, this actually became a thing. Do a search for “Garnett” and “hoodie” on Twitter, and you’ll see a number of mystified Twitter users wondering how that was possible. His hoodie seemed to defy physics. Not only that, but it didn’t seem to move at all … even when Garnett was moving.

Many people speculated that Garnett taped the hoodie to his head. Why? We have no idea. We can’t come up with a logical reason someone would tape a hoodie to the side of their head. Still, that didn’t stop people from saying that had to be the solution.

Those people were wrong! Garnett explained what the heck was going on during Pierce’s number retirement. He made one thing clear, there “ain’t no tape.”

As Garnett explained, the whole thing is due to him shaving his head. The stubble left behind causes the hoodie to cling to his head. Some people on Twitter who also shave their heads figured it out before Garnett came out and explained everything.

So, there you have it. Mystery solved. If you were having trouble sleeping because you had no idea how this happened, enjoy your rest. If you didn’t care or know about this until now … at least you learned something?

Kevin Garnett explained how his hoodie stuck to his head. (Associated Press)
Kevin Garnett explained how his hoodie stuck to his head. (Associated Press)

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