Kevin Garnett on the death of the one-dimensional big man in today’s NBA

Once, an NBA big man could get by in the league simply by being an absolutely massive human being. But as time went by, NBA players in the frontcourt have had to add a lot more to their game to stay in the league as players at all positions became tasked with an ever-growing list of responsibilities and expectations.

With winning basketball requiring bigs to be able to shoot, pass, dribble, and block the ball in some combination to have a chance at staying on the floor, the role of NBA centers and forwards has changed considerably since the early decades of the sport.

Hall of Fame Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett recently sat down with fellow former NBAer Matt Barnes to discuss the changing role of big men in the league.

Take a look at the clip embedded above to hear what the pair had to say about that evolution that Garnett himself helped spur.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire