Kevin Garnett blows in David West's ear in 'aggressive' fashion

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You're going to miss this. (Getty Images)


You're going to miss this. (Getty Images)

For all the touching tributes and sober analysis of Kevin Garnett’s future as an NBA player beyond the expiration of his contract this summer, it is necessary to remind ourselves that he’s still the same sort of KG that we’ve grown to love, fear, and roll our eyes at since 1995.

I mean, the dude blew in a guy’s ear on Saturday night. Watch:

To recap: Garnett fouled Indiana Pacers forward David West, and then loudly stomped around Barclays Center complaining about West’s supposed flopping. Garnett followed this by blowing in West’s ear as the Pacers set up to in-bound the ball, West then brushed Garnett off and received a technical foul for his troubles.

All this took place in the first quarter, mind you.

Obviously, Garnett’s move reminds of Lance Stephenson’s infamous trolling of LeBron James during last spring’s postseason, but West will have none of those comparisons. To the media following the contest, via Newsday:

“I think Lance's was more sensual. That was an aggressive blow.”

That would be Kevin Garnett, king of the “aggressive blow” on defense.

The Nets fell in the game and failed to add to what had been a three-game winning streak. The highest paid roster in the NBA fell at home by 25 points to an undermanned Pacers squad in what should have been an embarrassing defeat – presuming anything embarrasses these guys any more. The Pacers actually went on a 102-71 run to end the game, following Garnett's blow and West's technical foul

“Stars” Deron Williams and Brook Lopez came off the bench for Brooklyn, and missed 10 of 12 shots on the evening. From the New York Post:

“They didn’t play very well,” Nets coach Lionel Hollins said of his two stars. “They have to play better for us to be better, or them to get more playing time and more consistent playing time.”


“He’s right,” Williams said. “We definitely have to play better. We’re two of the highest-paid players on the team, and it’s our responsibility to play better. Hopefully we can accept that challenge. I do, and I think Brook does, and we move forward.”

Perhaps. The Nets probably aren’t in danger of falling out of the East’s pathetic playoff bracket, they’re currently just percentage points behind the seventh-seeded Miami Heat, and ninth place Orlando is three games back and rebuilding. Still, a 25-point home loss to Indiana?

Garnett finished with six points and a rebound in 14 minutes. At least he didn’t pretend to bite anyone.

(Original video via Deadspin and The Brooklyn Game.)

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