Kevin Garnett believes the NBA has lost some of it’s competitive edge

The NBA was a different ecosystem when Kevin Garnett was patrolling the court. Players took team rivalries to heart. Friendships could be made, lost, or receive irreparable damage depending on what team you played for and where you were in the standings. Nowadays, things aren’t so clear-cut. Players are friends. They work out with each other during the off-season.

In a recent episode of the “KG Certified” podcast, Boston Celtics legends Garnett and Paul Pierce discuss the differences between modern-day NBA players and players from previous eras, specifically in how they approach the concept of being competitive and upholding rivalries.

Garnett, of course, was one of the most fierce competitors the NBA has ever seen. So, it makes sense that he wants to see more players operating with an edge and grit to their demeanor.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire