Kevin Durant's brother sends out and then deletes critical messages about Draymond Green

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Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant might be hesitant to reveal his true feeling about teammate Draymond Green, but his brother has no such concern.

Durant’s brother, Tony, appeared to take a couple shots at Green in an Instagram story that has now been deleted. Bleacher Report was able to grab screenshots of the messages before Durant took them down.

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They read:

“True colors ain’t hard to see when someone is mad! It’s so much more clearer now lol.”

“Instead of competing with what’s already written, just follow along before the greatness is done rubbing off on you and people see you for what you really are…”

While no player is mentioned by name, it’s going to be easy for people to make the connection to Green. The 28-year-old Green was suspended from Tuesday’s game after getting into a heated altercation with Kevin Durant. Green reportedly called Durant a “bitch” multiple times. The Warriors believed that crossed the line and decided to suspend Green for a game. 

The argument has led to plenty of speculation about the future of the Warriors. Green reportedly brought up Durant’s impending free agency during the fight. While Green and Klay Thompson — who is also set to be a free agent at the end of this season — have expressed a desire to stay with the Warriors long-term, Durant told reporters he would keep his options open.

Some have speculated that the Warriors could lose both players now. By suspending Green, the Warriors picked a side, meaning Green may have soured on coming back. One anonymous player on the Warriors told The Athletic, he didn’t think there was any way Durant would return now either.

Following Tuesday’s 110-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks, the Warriors have been hesitant to reveal too much about the situation. Steve Kerr did not get into specifics, and Durant deflected questions after the game. 

Tony Durant may have thought he was removed enough from the situation to make his thoughts known, but quickly discovered no one is safe when the internet is motivated to keep the drama alive.

Kevin Durant may have been unhappy his brother sent out cryptic messages that may have been about Draymond Green. (AP Photo)
Kevin Durant may have been unhappy his brother sent out cryptic messages that may have been about Draymond Green. (AP Photo)

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