Kevin Durant thinks Nets should draw inspirations from Warriors

With media day for the Brooklyn Nets being on Monday, Kevin Durant discussed his hopes and aspirations about the franchise as they look to bounce back from a tumultuous 2021-22 season.

Recently, Durant discussed the drama this offseason and his disappointment with the team’s performance last year. However, Durant also discussed his vision of how the team’s culture should shape.

“I’m like, we shouldn’t be losing some of these games that we lost, regardless of who on the floor,” Durant told the media. “I was more so worried about how we’re approaching every day as a basketball team, and I felt like we could have fought through a lot of the stuff that I felt that held us back and championship teams do that,” said Durant. “You’ve seen it. Steph Curry and the Warriors, he was injured going into the playoffs. The team still, you know, fought and won games. Luka, he was hurt, their team still fought and won games. I felt like we had enough talent to do that, and that’s what wrote some doubt in my mind is that when adversity hit can we keep pushing through it.”


Recap: Kevin Durant talks turbulent offseason during Nets media day

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire