Kevin Durant on Stephen Curry's 3-point shooting: 'We all know he's going to break the record'

With a corner 3 in the third quarter of the Golden State Warriors’ third win in a row, Stephen Curry passed Jason Terry to move into third place on the NBA’s all-time 3-point shooting list.

That shot was one of five 3-pointers made by Curry on Friday, enough to help the Warriors bulldoze the Chicago Bulls 146-109 for their third win in the month of January.

At 2,285 career made 3-pointers, Curry now sits behind only Ray Allen (2,973) and Reggie Miller (2,560) on the list at the age of 30. Funnily enough, Kyle Korver’s two made 3-pointers on Friday put him at 2,280, or where Curry was entering Friday.

Where Steph Curry stands on the current NBA all-time 3-point list

With active players bolded:

  1. Ray Allen – 2,973

  2. Reggie Miller – 2,560

  3. Stephen Curry – 2,285

  4. Jason Terry – 2,282

  5. Kyle Korver – 2,280

  6. Jamal Crawford – 2,180

  7. Vince Carter – 2,165

  8. Paul Pierce – 2,143

  9. Jason Kidd – 1,988

  10. Joe Johnson – 1,978

Of course, Curry’s final resting spot on that list probably isn’t going to be third place. At least one of his teammates, Kevin Durant, is pretty sure where he’ll end up.

Kevin Durant on Curry: ‘We all know he’s going to break the record’

“It’s definitely cool, but we all know he’s going to break the record,” Durant said. “He sets such a high standard, a high bar. It is cool, but you got, what, another season or two before you get to the No. 1 spot and then you’re going to shatter that record, so I’m waiting for that.”

Of course, Curry being third all-time and on track for No. 1 doesn’t tell the full story of the point guard’s absurd volume of 3-point shots and even more absurd efficiency in his career.

The ludicrous stats of Steph Curry’s 3-point shooting

For starters, every player on that top 10 list has played at least 1,100 career games. Except for Curry, who just played his 656th. Curry has made 3.5 3-pointers per game in his career, as many as Miller and Crawford made in their career combined.

Curry also reached third place on that list while attempting fewer 3-point shots than anyone in the top 10, which means he’s reached third place by simply being ludicrously efficient with the shots he takes.

Curry’s .437 career 3-point shooting percentage is easily the best clip of anyone in the top 10 of made 3-pointers. Wait, actually, it’s the best of anyone in the top 150. To find a player who made a higher percentage of his 3-point shots than Curry, you’d have to go all the way down to Hubert Davis, who shot .441 on his way to 728 career made 3-pointers, good for 190th all-time on the NBA’s 3-point list.

Sitting right behind Davis on the “most made 3-pointers list while shooting better than Curry” list is Curry’s head coach Steve Kerr, who shot .454 for his career to make 726 career 3-pointers. Sitting in fifth place on the list is Curry’s brother, Seth, with 238 career made 3-pointers. Sitting at sixth is Curry’s teammate Quinn Cook, who has made 102. After Cook, it’s Milwaukee Bucks forward D.J. Wilson with 13.

When it comes to shooting from deep, Steph Curry is peerless. (AP Photo)
When it comes to shooting from deep, Steph Curry is peerless. (AP Photo)

Curry is also obviously the king of big games from beyond the arc. Friday’s game represented his 200th career game with at least five 3-pointers made, the most ever by a player. In second place is Allen with 122. That gap is so prohibitively large, the distance between Curry and Allen is the same as the one between Allen and No. 31 on the list, a three-way tie between Gilbert Arenas, Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce at 44 games.

So Curry is easily the NBA’s all-time leader in games of five made 3-pointers or more. He’s also the leader in games with six 3-pointers or more, as well as seven 3-pointers, eight 3-pointers, nine 3-pointers, 10 3-pointers and you get the point. Only three players in the history of the NBA have multiple career games with at least 10 3-pointers: J.R. Smith (3), Klay Thompson (4) and Curry (11).

Since Kerr took over the Warriors in 2014, Curry has been averaging 4.31 3-pointers per game. At that rate, it would take him just 64 games to pass Miller and 160 games to pass Allen on the all-time list. So basically, he could do it by the end of the 2020-21 season.

So barring some catastrophe, Curry will in all likelihood break Allen’s record. How high he sets the new record is probably going to only depend on how many more games he wants to play.

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