Kevin Durant is set to make his Suns debut; will his third superteam stint be successful? I The Rush

Kevin Durant is set to make his Phoenix Suns debut on Wednesday in Charlotte against the Hornets; will his third superteam stint be successful? Giannis Antetokounmpo returned from injury to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to a 15th consecutive win while the Los Angeles Lakers lost a close game to the Memphis Grizzlies without LeBron James, who will reportedly miss extended time with a foot injury. Plus, watch Giannis try his best to insult KD on national television.

Video Transcript

KEVIN DURANT: I'm just getting comfortable with everybody. That's been key, just getting to know all the guys on and off the floor, having conversations with everybody about just what they see out there. Everybody loves hoop here.


JARED QUAY: Happy KD day, everybody.

According to the Suns, Kevin Durant will make his debut with the team tonight against the Hornets in Charlotte. We haven't seen KD on the court since early January, when he sprained his MCL while he was still a member of the Brooklyn Nets.

- Maybe I blocked it out.

JARED QUAY: Yeah. The KD-Kyrie-Harden superteam feels like a distant fever dream at this point. They were supposed to win a championship. And I don't know about y'all, but I am ready to see what's in store for KD on his third super squad.

One person who might not be as excited as me, though-- Giannis Antetokounmpo.

GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO: You keep joining these superteams to win an NBA title. How about-- how about we work out together some time so I can teach you how to carry your own team?

- Ooh!

JARED QUAY: Man, Giannis is such a nice guy. He can't even be mean when comedians are writing the jokes for him.

- It's Jevon coming off the bench here tonight. Khris Middleton feeding Giannis! Oh, wow!

JARED QUAY: The Greek Freak returned from injury on Tuesday night, leading the Bucks to a victory over the Nets in Brooklyn with 33 points for Milwaukee's 15th consecutive win. Ooh! Giannis, throwdown with the left hand. He has entered the building, folks.

- Pretty, pretty good.

JARED QUAY: The Lakers, meanwhile, are still without LeBron James. Remember LeBron hurt his foot during Sunday's 27-point comeback win over the Mavericks? And according to Shams Charania, the Lakers star could miss several weeks.

The LeBronless Lakers put up a good fight against Memphis on Tuesday. But Ja Morant was unstoppable.

- Davis asking for it, intercepted. Bane on the move. Bane lob it up. Oh, Ja Morant can fly!

JARED QUAY: Ja dropped 28 points in the third quarter alone, finishing the game with 39 points as the Grizzlies got the best of the Lakers, snapping LA's three-game win streak.

- Ja Morant, get on up.

JARED QUAY: I hope LeBron gets healthy soon because the league is way less fun when he is not playing. I mean, yes, we got Giannis's goofy ass, and palace intrigue with Kevin Durant everywhere he goes.

Oh, and of course, we got NBA players' fashion, which is always [? rad ?] as hell. What is he wearing? But still, LeBron, I miss you. I need you. LA needs you.

In fact, LA ain't been hot since you left. Since you've been hurt, it's been snowing in LA. You don't think that's a sign, LeBron? All right, at this point, I'm gonna be honest with you, man, you might have to just strap it up with your foot being hurt.