Kevin Durant sends out cryptic Tweet in first comment since trade request

Kevin Durant has commented publicly for the first time since requesting a trade out of Brooklyn.


Well, that clears everything up.

Not that Durant owes anyone an explanation for his actions, he’s the captain of his ship and can steer it where he wants. However, the internet abhors a vacuum and in the absence of information people will wildly speculate about the reasoning behind Durant’s request. (Honestly, even with information people will wildly speculate on his motives, welcome to Twitter.) Durant’s critics have lined up. The people who ripped him for going to the 73-win Warriors and then ripped him for leaving the Warriors will now rip him for leaving Brooklyn. Somewhere, Durant shrugs.

KD will do what is best for himself, and apparently the people locked in the gym with him know the truth. Whatever that means.

The Phoneix Suns remain the frontrunner to trade for Durant, while his other preferred destination — the Miami Heat — appears a longshot. The question now is would a team not on his initial list but with the players and picks to put together an impressive trade package win the attention of the Nets. Toronto can do it. The Clippers if they put Paul George in the deal. The Celtics with a Jaylen Brown-centered offer. The Pelicans, if the Nets like Brandon Ingram enough.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks as we wait for a Durant — and a Kyrie Irving, and a Joe Harris, and… — trade to come out of Brooklyn. Speculation will run wild at Summer League.

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