Kevin Durant thinks the Clippers will beat the Bucks in the Finals

Ryan Young
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Kevin Durant isn’t playing with the Brooklyn Nets inside the NBA’s bubble at Walt Disney World.

He’s still recovering from an Achilles injury he suffered in the NBA Finals last year with the Golden State Warriors.

Though he’s not competing for a title this season, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a prediction for who will hoist the trophy in October.

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant thinks the Clippers and the Bucks will reach the NBA Finals this season. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Kevin Durant predicts Clippers-Bucks NBA Finals

Durant, it appears, is siding with the Los Angeles Clippers this season.

"If I had to choose — and I hate doing that s--t because you never know what could happen, you seen that with us last year — but if I had to choose, I'll go with Clippers and Bucks for the championship," Durant said on the "Play For Keeps" podcast, via ESPN. "And I'll go with the Clippers."

Durant’s prediction isn’t unlike what NBA fans have been predicting themselves all season long.

Both the Clippers and the Bucks have long been favorites to win the title this year, both before the COVID-19 pandemic halted play in March and after play resumed, along with the Lakers and the Toronto Raptors. Durant said he thinks the Clippers will get past the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, and the Bucks will top the Raptors in the East.

The Clippers have gone just 1-2 so far inside the bubble, however, falling to the Lakers on opening night and then to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday — thanks to an insane buzzer-beater from Devin Booker.

Despite their early struggles, Durant isn’t concerned. He knows they’re still shorthanded — Montrezl Harrell is still outside of the bubble on a personal matter, Lou Williams just cleared quarantine after his strip club incident and Patrick Beverley had to quarantine briefly after leaving the bubble — but they’re still showing him enough to convince him that they’ll win the title.

"They're just so deep," Durant said, via ESPN. "They haven't had their whole team together at once for a long period of time yet, and that talent is just undeniable. When you have [Paul George] and Kahwi [Leonard] at the wings, that's what you need to win is wings. You got those two at the wings, arguably top three, top four at the wing position on one team."

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