Kevin Durant, Nick Collison and Kendrick Perkins had an interesting night on Twitter

Twitter dot com? It’s a little stupid. We love it, and at its best it can be a wonderful tool and something to entertain and/or scratch the itch of your particular condition, but it can also be a little stupid.

It can especially “rise” to those heights when one’s phone is hacked. Yes, “my Twitter was hacked” is the go-to phrase every celebrity has to utilize after they post something that they shouldn’t have, but it genuinely does look like Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant’s phone was hacked early on Friday morning. Why else would Durant choose to post an old photo of himself smoking a hookah in the wee hours following another tough OKC loss to the Denver Nuggets? Especially while he was traveling with the team, away from Denver?

Here’s the photo, which KD has since copped to:

In the time surrounding the release of that innocuous photo, Durant complained that someone had gotten access to his personal information, and was using it to do things far more harmful than tweeting out a photo that Durant intended to keep private. From James Park’s take:

Yoooo somebody hacked my phone though…it’s blowing me, not my twitter my phone

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Textin my contacts crazy messages, my mom, dad brother..disrespecting can u do that — Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Obviously it’s me smoking hookah, but I didn’t post it RT @SamsonBaya: “Sorry y’all my phone got hacked” @KDTrey5 just own up to it fool — Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

When Deadspin latched onto the oddly timed tweet, Thunder big man Nick Collison added credibility to Durant’s claim that he wasn’t the person behind the revealing of that picture:

Now, hookahs are legal. As someone who lives in a college town, I’ve seen plenty of finger-snappin’ youngsters line up to visit local hookah bars to smoke the legal stuff, and it more than mellows them out. Yes, you can put other substances in a hookah, and yes, the NBA only drug tests for marijuana four times a year, but we’re also in our third decade of writing on websites about how we don’t mind players using that illegal drug – the physical demands of the game are massive, and it’s way better than drinking too much and getting rowdy at a club.

Of course, that’s presuming Durant did empty out the typical, legal contents of the hookah – WHICH WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF OF IN THE SLIGHTEST. I can’t handle anything more than the odd cigar, but sign me up for whatever’s inside that thing – Durant is once again leading the NBA in scoring, averaging an ungodly 29.5 points, 8.1 rebounds, 4.9 assists, and 2.5 combined steals/blocks for the team that is tied for the best record in their conference.

Of course, a top record doesn’t leave you immune from criticism. And while the Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry isn’t exactly a poison pen when it comes to covering the Thunder, he does not hold back when it is time to discuss the team’s various rotations in print, or at his must-read blog.

We’re not sure what Mayberry said or wrote to set Thunder center Kendrick Perkins off, but Perk did toss this Twitter’s way early Friday morning:

Perkins deleted the tweet soon after, but Zorgon at Welcome to Loud City glommed onto it before it went away.

We dig Mayberry’s work, and not because we’re a “hater;” though we kind of like the idea of being “a snake in the grass.” Darnell doesn’t pull punches, but this objective outsider also doesn’t think he goes over the top when it’s time to criticize. As Welcome to Loud City noted, though, it’s not as if Perkins often acts rationally when faced with things that displease him:

There are other factors to consider. Perk is pretty much a loose cannon, allegedly getting into altercations outside of night clubs, allegedly throwing Gatorade bottles at salons, and allegedly punching someone. That's not to mention the amount of technicals he gets and the emotion he displays on the court. Despite all of that, Perk has shown himself to be a good person in other areas of his life, and is always the first to stick up for and cheer for his teammates. Thus, this pretty much is part of his normal pattern of behavior for him, and probably doesn't indicate anything about Darnell.

Thursday night’s loss was rough, it was the team’s fourth loss in six tries after a sterling 25-5 start to the season, as Kevin Durant clearly has his work cut out for him with Russell Westbrook still out as he recovers from last spring’s meniscus surgery. The Thunder had a chance at avenging their 2012 NBA Finals loss taken away from them last year because of that injury, and they’re not exactly happy campers when they lose by 13 on national TV to a mercurial Denver Nuggets squad.

That’s a long way of saying that these are frustrating times for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Hacked phones, and late night missives sent to a newspaper beat writer can’t possibly make things any better.

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