Kevin Durant hilariously name-drops Scoot Henderson in response to Shaq, Barkley

Scoot Henderson earned a shout-out from Kevin Durant in a recent interview, but the projected No. 2 pick in the NBA draft this year may not be entirely thrilled with it.

In an interview with Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports, Durant was asked about criticism from Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Of course, the two Hall of Famers have often been harsh on Durant with his leadership over the years and forcing his way out of situations.

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After debuting with Phoenix on Wednesday, Durant responded to their past barbs and believes they may be a bit unfair to him in the era of superstars teaming up.

Henderson, hilariously, caught a stray in the process.

At this point, they’re saying, go play with Scoot Henderson and win a championship and then we’ll give you credit. I don’t need no credit from y’all, no credit from (Barkley), no credit from Shaq. Y’all don’t ever have to watch me play ever again, don’t talk about me if you don’t (rock) with me. I’m not gonna stop doing what I do.

Everybody has their opinions, man. It’s not gonna stop me and how I approach the game. As far as leading a team, I don’t need to coach no team. Whatever happens, we do it together. (Monty Williams) is the leader, he’s the coach. The GM puts the team together. I’m supposed to go out and hoop. That’s my job.

Henderson will certainly land with a team in the midst of a rebuild. Durant inferred that playing with Henderson would happen on a lottery team and playing with that team would be acceptable to O’Neal and Barkley versus teaming up with more superstars.


In any case, Durant name-dropping Henderson is pretty funny considering the 19-year-old hasn’t even stepped foot onto an NBA court yet. He projects to have a bright future ahead, but probably won’t be playing with Durant in the near future.

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