Kevin Durant follows LeBron James’ lead, bear hugs a fan that hits a half-court shot (Video)

In late January, Miami Heat MVP LeBron James startled a visiting Heat fan by bear-hugging him after he sank a half-court shot between quarters. Illinois computer technician Michael Drysch had just won $75,000 for himself and $75,000 (via the Carmex company) for James’ beloved Boys and Girls Club of America, and even in the middle of a dull blowout Heat win over the Detroit Pistons, a good time was had by all.

Even while having an MVP-level season that would win the award in most other years, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is still a distant second in the MVP race to LeBron. With his Thunder swooning a bit as the Heat ascend out East, Durant decided to mix things up a little on Sunday, just as James did two months ago. Justin Dougherty tossed in a half-courter during OKC’s blowout win over Portland on Sunday, and Durant decided to join the pile. Watch:

Nicely done, Justin. He’ll win $20,000 and a brief run of internet stardom as a result, not to mention the bear hugs from his girlfriend Sydney Friar, and some tall dude named Kevin Durant.

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Via Sports Illustrated’s The Point Forward, here are the celebratory tweets from both Dougherty and Friar (a former Miss Missouri ... again, nicely done, Justin), from following the swish:

If you’ll recall, this is the second half-court bomb that has gone in for an OKC fan this month. Earlier in March, Heath Kufahl tossed in a 47-footer that to earn 20-large for his wife’s cancer treatment and therapy. And if Durant’s decision to toss a hug into the prize package aides his team in the same way LeBron’s did the Heat, Oklahoma City is in good hands. Miami lost two of three following James’ run to the court, but they’ve won 26 games (and counting) in the days since.

If the Thunder pull off the same run, it appears as if we’ve got a trend on our hands. The only problem is that it takes someone from the stands coming down on to the court to hit a 47-foot shot first, to start that run of good fortune.

Get practicing, fans.

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