Kevin Durant And Britt McHenry Get Into Twitter Beef Over White House Issue

Jimmy Traina
Sports Illustrated

Kevin Durant said Thursday that if the Warriors are invited to the White House, he'll be skipping the ceremony because he "doesn't respect who's in office right now."

This seemed to bother former ESPN reporter, Britt McHenry, who was among the company's 300 layoffs in April, because she took to Twitter to offer her opinion on K.D.'s possible snub.

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While Durant could've responded by explaining that it's the President who has caused the divisiveness and that it's the President who has no interest in coming together with anyone and that Durant is a basketball player, not a world leader, he went for a much more, um, basic reply.

McHenry, still not realizing that it's the President who should be doing things for unity and it's the President who should be inspiring the country, not an NBA player, responded again to Durant.

This time, though, Durant did not reply. If he decides to, however, we recommend his just send McHenry a link to the President's press conference from this past Tuesday.

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