‘Kevin Can Wait’ awkwardly handles the death of major character

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Leah Remini has returned to Kevin Can Wait, but this time as a permanent fixture. After the success of her guest starring episodes last season the popular show made the shocking decision to kill off the character of Donna and have Remini as the new female lead.

Although it was revealed earlier this year that the character of Donna was out, the casual mentioning of her death in the season premiere was still a bit of a shock. As Kevin sorted through the mail he came across a postcard for Donna that said “Haven’t seen you. We miss you” which leads to his daughter saying, “I will call them right now. It’s been over a year since she died. They shouldn’t still be sending this.” To which Kevin responds, “Thank you. Oh, but don’t throw that out. On the bottom, there’s a coupon for a Kung Fu lesson.”

Fans of Kevin Can Wait took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the matter, with one person saying “You mean to tell me they only spent 5 seconds on Donna’s death and we still don’t know how she died?”

As the season continues maybe more information will come to light on just how Donna kicked the bucket but for now, the show must go on.

Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Check out Leah Remini join Kevin James for a King of Queens reunion on Kevin Can Wait:

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