With Kevin Byard traded by the Titans, is Derrick Henry next?

Could King Henry soon be changing thrones?

When word broke Monday that the Titans have traded veteran safety Kevin Byard to the Eagles, the first question (for me) wasn't, "What did they get for Byard?" It was, "Who else are they willing to trade?"

There was noise early in the offseason that the Titans were shopping running back Derrick Henry, who is in the last year of his current contract. If the Titans recognize that they're simply not built to contend in 2023 and if they recognize that Henry will be moving on anyway after this season, why not get something for him now?

The trade window closes next Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. Every team plays this weekend, with no byes. That one extra game will provide the final piece of information aimed at letting teams decide whether to be sellers or buyers at the deadline. Also, injuries could create interest that currently doesn't exist.

The Byard trade shows that the Titans are inclined to consider selling current assets for future considerations. Henry is 11 regular-season games from walking away in free agency. Could he be traded?

It makes sense to keep an eye on the possibility — and to watch closely for any significant running back injuries this weekend.

Or maybe a team on the fringe of contention will decide to make an all-in move. Maybe the Rams will decide to "eff them picks," again. Maybe the Bills will decide to kick their running game in the ass by adding one of the best running backs in football. Maybe the Browns will roll the dice on the closest thing the NFL currently has to Jim Brown.

Or maybe nothing will happen at all. Regardless, the Byard trade is a potential clue that can't be ignored.