Kerr appreciates Looney mentoring, supporting ‘great' TJD

Kerr appreciates Looney mentoring, supporting ‘great' TJD originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

It’s arguable Trayce Jackson-Davis’ recent positive performances, led by a well-documented dunk on Victor Wembanyama, wouldn’t have been possible without Kevon Looney.

After all, it’s the minutes previously belonging to the Warriors’ big man that have provided rookie Jackson-Davis with opportunities to showcase his worth over the last few games.

And even then, Looney, who has DNP’d the last three games as a result of Jackson-Davis’ emergence, takes the time and energy to support his first-year teammate, according to Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

“I’m really happy for Trayce; such a great young guy,” Kerr said Tuesday on 95.7 The Game's "Willard & Dibs" show. “I’m also so impressed with Kevon Looney, and how he’s mentored him.

“And how he’s handled these last few games not playing himself, but continuing to cheer on Trayce and help him and give him advice.”

Kerr, who has witnessed plenty of roster subplots at the helm of the Warriors over the years, recognizes it’s comportment like Looney’s that embodies what the game is all about.

It’s also what separates a losing team from a winning team.

“It’s really what it’s all about when you see the players cheering for each other and looking after each other,” Kerr added.

“It’s one of the things I love about this group. I really see them constantly doing that, supporting one another. That’s crucial if you want to have a winning team.”

At this rate, especially in the midst of a crucial playoff push, it’s unlikely Looney will overtake Jackson-Davis, who registered his fifth double-double of his career against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night at Frost Bank Center.

What is likely, however, is that Looney will continue to mentor and root for his teammate.

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