Keon Broxton isn't eating a small brain, he's chewing all the gum

Do you like chewing gum? Most people are probably OK with it. But Keon Broxton of the Milwaukee Brewers loves gum. No, he LOVES it. Like, really really loves it.

This is bold claim. But there is evidence to back it up. Otherwise, that would be an insane thing to say about someone. Behold Keon Broxton, chewer of ALL THE GUM.

Keon Broxton valiantly attempts to chew all the gum in the Brewers dugout. (
Keon Broxton valiantly attempts to chew all the gum in the Brewers dugout. (

That is … well, that’s disgusting.

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Broxton didn’t start for the Brewers in their Tuesday game against the Cincinnati Reds, so he spent the early part of the game in the dugout. And as players in dugouts have done since the beginning of recorded history, they got bored and got silly. And the result of this boredom was Keon Broxton chewing on the largest wad of gum I’ve ever seen in a human’s mouth.

It looks like he’s chewing on a small brain. It’s gross and weird and funny all at the same time.

The plus is that since he wasn’t starting, he wasn’t going out on the field with a fist-sized wad of gum coming out of his mouth. The minus is that it looks like he’s in pain while he’s struggling to chew, unable to close his mouth.

To be fair to Broxton, he probably likes gum a normal amount. But considering how sore his face probably is after all that painful-looking gum chomping, he might hate it now.

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