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It's no secret that John Wall's pro career hasn't gone as well as most expected it to, at least to this point.

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft had a solid rookie campaign last year, averaging 16.4 points and 8.3 assists. He had a ton of turnovers (3.8 per game) and didn't shoot the ball really well (40.9 percent), but most assumed that was just part of his rookie transition.

He still showed plenty of flash in the transition game, and had the same 'Wow' factor that Kentucky fans were used to.

But his struggles have continued this year. His scoring is nearly the same (16.5 points), but his assists have fallen to 7.7 per game while his turnovers have slightly increased to 3.9 per. His overall shooting is better, but he's shooting a "Hide the children" ugly 7.5 percent from three this year. He's 3-40 on three-point attempts in 61 games.

Part of that is that he's on an awful team. The Wizards have made quite a few in-season trades, and he's not quite used to his team. He's still young (he'd just be finishing his junior year if he had stayed in school), and the shortened training camps this year didn't help either.

Wall had another idea for why he's struggled this year, according to Yahoo's 'Ball Don't Lie' NBA Blog: Too many charity pickup games this offseason and not enough workouts. Click the link for the full post.

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