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After becoming Kentucky's head coach, Mark Stoops created two new positions: recruiting coordinator and High Performance Coach.

The latter is the focus of a new video from UK that shows him putting linemen through workouts.

So what exactly does a High Performance Coach do? Let Stoops answer that one, via an interview with the C-J's Kyle Tucker:

"Like the one thing that I think we’re doing here that’s different than maybe any other program would be having a guy by the name of a High Performance Coach. Nobody’s done that, to my knowledge. That’s a little bit different. And I’m not a left-field kind of guy. I’m Youngstown, Ohio, bread and butter, blue collar, simple. I told you my background, my dad, who I am. But I just felt like this was the way things were evolving and I felt like I could grasp some people that I’ve seen in different areas. With the High Performance (Coach), he looks at the physical, the mental, the technical and then the tactical. The physical is just the strength and conditioning, nutrition, all that. The mental: sports psychologists. We’re bringing in one of the most prominent sports psychologists in the world, who has already been here and worked with our team two or three times. (Declined to name the psychologist.) He’s worked with our team, I think, three times. He’s worked with our staff twice. He’s already been here to do that. The technical, that’s our coaches and the techniques and how precise they’re going to be in teaching football. Then there’s the tactical, which is going to be our Xs and Os. That’s one piece of it right there. ... He just gives us a balanced approach to all those things that we just said. He ties in the sports psychologist. He ties in – he’ll be the liaison with sports medicine if a guy has a certain injury, just to make sure everybody’s on the same page.”

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