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A recruiting pipeline can change the trajectory of a program. When a coaching staff starts to have success recruiting players from one area, others often follow.

Consistently pulling talent from one part of the country to another isn't easy, but it pays dividends for schools that have to look outside their own state for talent. With that in mind, here's a look at the programs with out-of-state pipelines for the class of 2014.

We're not including in-state pipelines. If that were the case, you'd find a lot of schools from Texas and Florida at the top of the list (30 of a combined 35 commits for Texas and Texas A&M are from Texas, and all 19 of Baylor's are from their home state).

This is about looking at programs that have to go out of state to find talent, and do so effectively. We're going to limit it to programs that currently have five or more players committed from one state.

Here's a look at the top out-of-state pipelines in college football for the class of 2014:

Louisville: 9 from Florida. Teddy Bridgewater is the biggest name the Cardinals have pulled from the Sunshine State, but they continue to rake in talent year after year. Louisville's presence in Florida is a primary factor in their rise in recent years.

Kentucky: 8 from Ohio. Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow grew up in Ohio. Now they're cleaning up in the state where they first made their names.

Arizona: 7 from California. More than half of the Wildcats' 12 commitments come from the state with the deepest talent pool on the West Coast.

Boise State: 6 from California. Boise State has made a living for years by picking up overlooked talent from California and developing it within a strong program.

Temple: 6 from New Jersey. The Owls have to compete with Penn State and Pitt in Pennsylvania, but New Jersey is close to home and has plenty of football talent.

Louisville: 5 from Ohio. Charlie Strong's program is the only one to appear on this list twice. With so little top talent in Kentucky, he's looking multiple places to stock his roster.

Mississippi State: 5 from Georgia. Florida is hyped as the most talented state in the southeast, but more schools in the area pull consistent talent from Georgia than anywhere else.

N.C. State: 5 from Georgia. Not an SEC school, but there are lots of programs looking to the Peach State for players.

Clemson: 5 from Georgia. Atlanta is known as a hotbed of talent, but there are also really strong high school programs throughout the state. That's what sets Georgia apart from other places.

Oklahoma: 5 from Texas. Bob Stoops has always raided the backyard of his biggest rival for players. Adrian Peterson was from Texas.

Oklahoma State: 5 from Texas. Nearly every Big 12 school has a presence in Texas, but it's the Oklahoma schools that have benefited the most from it.

Nevada: 5 from California. Only seven commits so far in this class, but five are from California.

Pipelines that could still reach the list before 2014 recruiting is done - Ole Miss (4 from Georgia), Rutgers (4 from Florida), North Carolina (4 from Virginia, 4 from Georgia), Western Michigan (4 from Illinois), Washington (4 from California), Iowa State (4 from Texas), Oregon (4 from California), Cincinnati (4 from Florida), Kansas State (4 from Texas), Colorado (4 from California), Marshall (4 from Georgia), Washington State (4 from California), BYU (4 from California),

Unfortunately, this list isn't perfect. It omits a few programs that recruit very well nationally, because they don't focus on one state. Tennessee and Notre Dame are two teams that have to look outside their state for recruits, but don't have a bundle of commitments from a single place. There's also plenty of time before National Signing Day in February, and there will be movement here. West coast schools in particular move slower in recruiting, so expect to see more schools getting into California as the process rolls on. But it's a good place to start, and we'll keep an eye on this as we go through the season and into the home stretch for 2014 recruiting.

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