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Roger Lewis, a four-star wide receiver who recently plead guilty to falsification in exchange for dismissal of a rape charge, has emerged as a new target for Kentucky's coaching staff and plans on attending Saturday's game against Louisville, according to Cats Illustrated's Justin Rowland.

A week ago, Lewis -- originally a top-rated prospect in the Class of 2012 -- plead guilty to falsification, a first-degree misdemeanor, in exchange for dismissal of a rape charge that was set to go to a second trial in September, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, which was suspended for three years on probation.

According to the Dispatch, Lewis was charged with two counts of rape in the initial trial in February.

He was accused of raping a high school classmate on a basement couch in another classmate's house in December 2011. The jury acquitted him of that charge.

He was also accused of raping the same classmate in January 2012 in her car's back seat while it was parked in an empty subdivision lot. The jury deadlocked on that charge. It was that charge that was attempted to go to a second trial. Lewis faced a maximum of 11 years in prison if found guilty. It was that charge that was dismissed last week.

The falsification charges "stem from false statements" to police who pulled him over for speeding the same night of the alleged second rape.

Lewis currently plays football at Jireh Prep Athletics, a prep school in North Carolina.

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