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With the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers (probably) select Nerlens Noel.

The most recent round of mock drafts at ESPN, Sports Illustrated and -- all updated following Tuesday's draft lottery -- tab Noel as the top pick.

(It does come with a potential caveat - the Cavaliers are open to moving to the pick, mainly because of how risky drafting Noel is relative to most No. 1s. A trade involving the top pick hasn't happened in 20 years.)

If Noel ends up being the top selection - either by Cleveland or anyone else - it will be the third Wildcat in four years to have their name called at the top of the draft, following John Wall in 2010 and Anthony Davis in 2012.

Before them, no Kentucky player had ever been taken No. 1.

The only other school to have at least three No. 1 picks taken in the NBA Draft is Duke (Kyrie Irving, Elton Brand, Art Heyman). The first and last of those picks happened 48 years apart.

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