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Neal Brown, like most coaches, wants to score when his team gets inside the Red Zone.

He's been better than most.

His offenses have ranked 23rd, 11th and 56th nationally in red zone scoring the last three years.

In that same time span, Kentucky's ranked 118th, 72nd and 76th nationally in red zone scoring.

"That’s something, we’ve got a good plan," Brown said earlier in fall camp. "The last, definitely the last two years at Tech, we’ve been really good in the red zone. That’s something we spend a lot of time teaching, a lot of time practicing. The quarterbacks understand our No. 1 goal down there is to get points. You got to take care of the ball to get points. Obviously we want to score touchdowns, but the No. 1 objective is to score points."

Let's take a look at the detailed breakdown in what plays Brown calls and how effective each has been to try and get a glimpse at what the Wildcats' offense may look like inside the 20-yard line.

As he stated, his teams have done very well at protecting the ball (only six interceptions in 257 pass attempts inside the red zone) and have scored at a high clip (and, even better, mostly touchdowns).

Neal Brown and his Red Zone offense

One thing that immediately jumps out is that Brown's pass-first philosophy doesn't change just because the field is more crowded, since the ball is inside the 20. He threw more often than he passed and his quarterbacks' completion percentage and yards-per-completion numbers were really good.

And, 88 touchdowns to just those six interceptions.

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