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Think of Neal Brown as a Texas gunslinger, rolling into town from Lubbock. You've heard that he's a pretty quick trigger, but you've never seen it for yourself. You see his offense, and it leaves you to wonder... Just how fast is he?

Brown is pretty quick. He's the fastest playcaller in college football.

Pete Roussel of ran the numbers, and over the last three seasons, Brown's Red Raiders averaged 80 plays a game. That was the most in the country in that time among offensive coordinators he was tracking. You can find the full list here.

Brown averaged 80 plays a game, the most in the nation in the last three years. Assuming his teams had the ball for an average of 30 minutes a game, that comes out to a play every 22.5 seconds on the play clock.

As you might expect, there are lots of other Air Raid coaches on the list. Tony Franklin, a former UK offensive coordinator and Brown's predecessor as Troy's offensive coordinator, was near the top of the list. So were some guys with less direct ties to the Air Raid, like Oklahoma's Josh Heupel, Texas A&M's Kliff Kingsbury, and West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen. All of them ran over 75 plays a game.

But Brown has earned his reputation. And his offense, nicknamed "NASCAR," is every bit as fast as it claims to be.

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