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An NBA MVP will come to Rupp Arena for a preseason game in 2014, according to John Calipari.

The possibilities? Here are all the MVP winners still currently active in the league.

-- LeBron James

-- Derrick Rose

-- Dirk Nowitzki

-- Kobe Bryant

-- Steve Nash

-- Kevin Garnett

-- Tim Duncan

The common-sense guess would be James (who has multiple connections to UK through Nike and Calipari) or Rose (who played for Calipari), and forced to pick one, I'd guess James. He's actually been to Rupp before to be the Y, whereas Rose hasn't.

It could be any of them, since Calipari didn't explicitly say there would be a connection for that player/team, but -- considering the 2013 game features John Wall and Anthony Davis -- I'd guess it's going to be a player who makes sense to bring to Lexington.

All of a sudden, the NBA may be finding a nice niche in Lexington.

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