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June 07, 2012

NBA Combine notes

UK has six players in Chicago for the NBA combine. We'll keep a running update of notes as players come through media interviews.

Marquis Teague

-- Said he's heard picks 15-20 as his range in the draft. "I'm fine with that," Teague said.

-- He said he has interviewed with Miami, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Milwaukee at the combine and that his agent has talked to Cleveland, Phoenix, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boston and Philadelphia.

-- Teague said he's working out with his brother, Jeff -- also an NBA point guard -- in Indianapolis.

-- Teague said his year at UK helped him for the draft, especially in learning the pick-and-roll and showing that he can play with NBA talent and be happy with sharing the ball. "It prepares you the best," Teague said of Kentucky.

-- The piece of advice that's stuck with him the most: The NBA is your job and your life now. Prepare accordingly with the necessary focus.

Doron Lamb

-- Lamb, who showed up a few rounds after his scheduled time, said that his shooting is the best trait he can bring to an NBA team.

-- He's interviewed with the Rockets, Sixers and Bulls. He said he would be a good fit for Chicago, who has worked him out individually.

-- Lamb is a borderline first-round pick, but said he's not paying attention to mock drafts.

-- He said he thinks he will play both guard positions in the league, and his time running the point at UK prepared him to run an offense if needed in the NBA.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

-- He's interviewed with Charlotte, Washington, Portland and Boston.

-- Kidd-Gilchrist comes from a winning high school (No. 2 in the country his senior year) and a winning college (national title). But, as a probable top-5 pick, Kidd-Gilchrist is likely to head to a losing situation. He admitted it will be tough -- "I might cry some nights," he said -- but said he will "make it work."

-- He may get picked 1-2 with Anthony Davis, but Kidd-Gilchrist said there's no competition between the two. "None at all. I just want to get picked: 1, 2, 10, 11, 30."

-- Kidd-Gilchrist said he likes modeling his game after Scottie Pippen. "That's old-school to me, but... He could score. He's a defensive guy more than anything. And a winner, I think. I loved him."

-- He said he hears that his shot needs work. "I'm working harder and harder on it, each and every day. But it's definitely there."

-- The six NBA hopefuls all gathered in a hotel room Wednesday night to reminisce on the season. "I miss those guys. I miss everything about last year. It was just so fun with all of us."

Darius Miller

-- He's interviewed with Houston, Toronto and New York.

-- Miller said the UK reunion in Chicago has "been fun," and said the group got together Wednesday night.

-- Miller said he's focusing on working on his overall game. He said his last three years, in which he had to mesh with a roster of talented players was beneficial for him and has been brought up by a few NBA teams as a positive on his resume.

Terrence Jones

-- He's worked out for Dallas and New Orleans. He's interviewed at the combine with Denver, Sacramento, Orlando and Atlanta.

-- Jones said he's thought about playing again with Davis in New Orleans, which has worked him out as a possible selection at No. 10. "Hopefully soon we'll have a Kentucky guy on every team."

-- Jones said he's trying to show NBA teams his versatility as a forward, including his ability to play as a small forward.

-- Jones said his ability to both post up and play facing the basket is a plus for NBA teams.

Anthony Davis

-- Davis drew easily the biggest crowd of the night as a combination of being the most coveted interview (as the No. 1 pick) and the local kid (he's a Chicago native). He said he's met new fans throughout the city now that he's returned.

-- Davis maintained that he's not sure he will be the No. 1 pick. Everybody else is.

-- He said his unibrow could "possibly be a great opportunity" for marketing.

-- Davis was wearing a t-shirt that said "Check my stats." Former Kansas forward Thomas Robinson, who followed Davis, had something to say about it. He said that if it was about stats, he would be the top pick. "I've got to get one of those shirts," he said.

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