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Kyle Wiltjer may have announced an intent to explore transferring from Kentucky, but his father said he is "still a Kentucky Wildcat" and is not "100 percent committed" to transferring in an interview with the Portland Tribune.

Wiltjer has three options: return to Kentucky and play this year; return to Kentucky and redshirt a year; or transfer.

Wiltjer's repeatedly stated goals for coming to Kentucky were to win a national championship and play with the best. He's done that through two years; now, as he's considering his future and his place among a team loaded with incoming freshmen, he has to decide if UK is the right place to continue working toward a future basketball career.

"Kyle has a great relationship with Calipari, but he's not a stereotypical Calipari player," Greg Wiltjer said. "If he were at Duke or some other place, they'd be running him off screens, but that's not the Kentucky system. And now he has all these thoroughbreds coming in. Kyle's biggest challenge is his body. He needs to get stronger and quicker, to get help with nutrition, strength and agility."

Greg Wiltjer said Kyle has a "few specific needs" from whatever school he attends for his last two years of eligibility, although didn't specify those needs.

Regardless, one thing is clear: Wiltjer needs to work on his body, whether that's at UK or somewhere else.

"The biggest time in Kyle's career lies in the 14 to 16 months ahead," Greg Wiltjer said. "I'd 100 percent like him to devote the next year to working on his body, but it's his decision. He feels vested in Kentucky. It has been his life the last two years. And Kyle is a very competitive kid. He is always trying to prove people wrong."

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