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Kentucky football players will be signing autographs at Fan Day.

Right now, college football players signing their own name is a trending topic. Johnny Manziel is reportedly under investigation for getting paid to sign autographs. Others have recently been reported to have done the same. Nothing has been proved, and all parties deny the accusations.

That's not related to these UK football players signing during Fan Day. But it does mean Kentucky wants to ensure everything is done properly.

UK's compliance office posted the following messages on its official Facebook page: "If you receive an autograph at Fan Day, it is with the mutual understanding that the item received will never be sold or traded for anything of value as long as any autograph on that item represents a student-athlete currently competing for UK. Your cooperation in protecting our student-athletes is greatly appreciated. Go Big Blue! ... Football Fan Day is today! Some fans are under the mistaken impression that, if the student-athlete is not paid for the autograph, it is permissible to sell it. THIS IS NOT TRUE!"

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