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Karl Towns is already a stud. The No. 9-ranked player in the Class of 2014, a big man with the skills of a guard, a rising senior who already has national team experience while playing with the Dominican Republic -- Towns is pretty good already.

He's working to solidify his basketball future, however, by ensuring his body is ready for it.

Towns has been training with Andrew Silber, a former wrestler at American University, and their goals and regimen are part of a Sports on Earth feature about Towns:

Their goals are clear: making Towns a stronger, faster athlete capable of withstanding the pounding inherent in his position and remaining healthy. So far in his short career, he has remained injury-free.

Four days a week, Towns works with Silber and speed guru Armando Sanchez at East Coast Conditioning, a non-descript, multi-sport facility located in a secluded area next to a karate gym, pre-school and gymnastics academy in Edison, N.J. When Towns started the program last spring, he couldn't do a pull-up. Now, he can do several with 20 extra kg attached to his body. Towns is 7-feet and 245 pounds, but Silber and Sanchez don't want him to add much more weight because the heavier he is, the more impact his knees will endure, which could lead to injuries.

Towns is gaining more and more exposure -- he played in a recent NBAPA Top 100 camp and will participate in an upcoming LeBron James skill academy -- but he's content to stay out of the spotlight because he's already committed to Kentucky.

His father said college coaches continue to call, according to the article, but "as long as Calipari is in Lexington," Towns is solidly on board as a future Wildcat.

And one who will likely be well-trained by the time he gets to campus.

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