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If you're a subscriber who has been following practice notes daily, you saw last week that Josh Clemons was practicing again with the team. We got to talk to the Kentucky running back today, who hasn't played since suffering a torn meniscus in October of 2011.

He missed last spring recovering from that, then was set back by some swelling in camp last August. That led to surgery, which led to him missing the entire 2012 season. He's gotten some good reviews from the coaches also (see what Neal Brown said today here). Here's what Clemons said today:

How's the knee?

"It's good. As good as it's going to get. It was a tough injury, but it's feeling good. I'm out here and it's doing a lot better."

Are you fully participating?

"Yep, it's the first time I've practiced in about two years."

What do you think of the new staff?

"There's a lot of energy. They're out there working us hard, every play. We get the next play, moving on to the next one."

Were you familiar with Coach Brown and these guys?

"I didn't know anything about them when they first came, but I'm glad they're here."

How frustrating have the last 14, 18 months been?

"At times, it's been frustrating. But you've got to have faith in the man upstairs, and he knows what he's doing. I knew my time would come."

How are you physically?

"I'm feeling good. It's probably the best I've felt in a long time."

Anything that feels funny, any pain or discomfort?

"Nope, the only thing that held me back after the surgery was just swelling, and that hasn't been a problem."

What was it that caused that?

"I don't know. Just random."

Have you been able to cut on the knee?

"I've done everything. I've done every drill since we started spring. It feels good."

What was it like the first time you had to do it?

"It was kind of tentative, not like a full cut. I maybe missed the hole, because I was scared to put all the pressure on it."

Have you missed any time this spring?

"I'm only going every other day, so I didn't practice Saturday. That was the only day."

Any soreness?

"No, sir."

How tough was it to sit and watch, especially last year?

"It's really hard. I want to be out there helping my team, be out there, feeling what they feel. It's not the same, watching on TV."

Do you ever think about your big run against Central Michigan?

"I'm just trying to get to the field again. It doesn't matter what's in the past. Besides watching on TV, I can't do it again. Just trying to get back on the field."

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