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Just got a copy of Joker Phillips' contract at Florida. He was hired as wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator in December, but the contract has just now been released.

He'll make $265,000 a year for 2013 and 2014. The contract runs through January 2015.

But that's really just the beginning of what he'll make. Phillips still had two years left on his deal at Kentucky when he was fired during the 2012 season, and he's still owed a significant buyout. By the terms of his UK contract, he's due to receive 100 percent of his salary from 2013, then 50 percent the next year.

That means he'll make $1.7 million from UK in 2013 while coaching at another school in the SEC East. Add that in with his salary from Florida, and he's making a hair under $2 million in 2013 ($1,965,000). In 2014, he'll make a combined $1,115,000 from the buyout and his salary at Florida.

Put it all together, and that's a combined $3,080,000 over the next two years. That's 90.6 percent of what he would have made had he stayed at Kentucky, using his base salary as the comparison point.

It's not a totally fair comparison, given that he had a boatload of incentives in his UK contract, and a few perks also. For instance, he was given the use of two cars and also received a country club membership at UK. At Florida, he gets one car, and I didn't see anything in the contract about a country club.

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