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John Wall was a pretty clean-cut guy during his one season at Kentucky. Short hair, no tattoos, not even a headband.

Cross one of those off the list. John Wall has some tattoos.

Quite a few, in fact. He posted on his Instagram account about a week ago a picture showing off a lot of new ink on his stomach and chest. The Washington Post looked into it further, talking to Wall's tattoo artist for clarification on what some of his tattoos are.

There's some obvious: an homage to his mother, "Great Wall" in bricks, and a tribute to his hometown of Ralieigh, N.C. Coming up soon is a UK logo to honor his year in college, and a few more.

It doesn't look like he's planning on getting tattoos in someplace where they'd be visible - for now. His current tattoos are only on his stomach and back, concealed by his jersey when he takes the court. But we'll see where he goes from here.

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