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John Calipari issued his "annual recruiting manifesto" as the summer recruiting period begins to ramp up -- the Peach Jam hits next week as one of the premier high school events -- and it's as much a sales pitch to players as it is an actual recruiting doctrine.

Calipari states that, above all else, a high school player should consider what school prepares them the best and allows them to reach their dreams. He criticizes those who say that, if you're talented enough, what school you attend won't impact your future.

He also cautions against "secondary concerns" that may sway a recruit's decision -- say, wanting to play with another specific player or wanting to stay in a certain geographical region.

Instead, the future of an "individual career" should be the overriding factor in a college decision:

It comes back to, is this the place that can prepare me the best to reach my dreams and have they done it with players like me? Has there been an environment that has brought players together where all the players have benefited? Who can help me grow as a person and as a player? Who can put me in the best position? Where can we win and play at the highest level? Who has coached players like me? Have they helped build a foundation for their future success?

I think Calipari would say Kentucky is the answer to all those questions.

We'll see if top recruits continue to say the same thing.

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