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John Calipari will drive the pace car at the Quaker State 400 on June 29 at Kentucky Speedway.

“It’s kind of like walking out in the Final Four and having your team behind you, excited and ready to go,” Calipari said in a release. “The last time I was part of this event it was incredible. This is a great thing that brings our people together. The state of Kentucky takes great pride in the facility like it does in basketball, like it does in horseracing, like it does in bourbon.

“The speed of it is what gets everybody hyped and understanding the courage of those drivers. We sit up in the stands and know how fast they are going, yet they have the courage to be inches from each other at that speed and have the vision and wherewithal to say ‘I’m doing this, we’re gonna get this done.’ Having a bunch of them that are the best in the world at what they do in one setting like this is going to be unbelievably exciting.”

He'll be leading a 43-car field to the green flag -- a field that includes Brian Vickers driving a car that commemorates Louisville's national championship.

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