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Rupp Arena was rocking in Kentucky's four-point win over Florida -- I could literally feel the desk on press row vibrating after the game was over -- and Calipari called it one of the best crowds he's seen at Rupp since he's been coach. Here are full comments from Cal and Mays on the crowd today:


On the crowd: "Unbelievable. What I did last night, I was home, driving in, thinking, What else can we do? What edge can we get? We're doing two things to the players. Here is how we're going to do it. We have a game plan. What else? I told Dewayne (Peevy), we need the fans to take us over the hump. The last eight minutes, we need you standing to carry us over the finish line. And they did. That building was unbelievable. That was as loud as we've been in four years. The great thing is the crowd knows this team is so young that they really need them."


On playing his last game in Rupp Arena: "I always heard how the fans were at Rupp Arena but actually being able to be a part of this year -- it's not even been the season that we wanted, but for them to come every night and pack the house and cheer how they cheer and be there for us, it's been great."

On Calipari's tweet asking for fans to be standing for final eight minutes: "He's been in these situations plenty of times before. He knew we were going to need them more than anything. Our fans, it was unbelievable for them to cheer like they did. That whole 40 minutes of the game they were like our sixth man."

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