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John Calipari sat down with WKYT this week -- in the midst of his own ProCamps -- to discuss the upcoming alumni game, his former players in the NBA, next season, Big Blue Madness, and more.

Here are some of the highlights, and you can check out the full 12-minute video interview below:

On the alumni game: "Everybody's hearing 2010, 2012, which team was bettter. 2010 says it's not close, we're way better. Then 2012 says, well, we won the national title, and you did not."

On Rupp Arena hosting an NBA preseason game the day after Big Blue Madness: "I would say that you're going to have a lot of people going through Rupp Arena for that weekend."

On Kyle Wiltjer's transfer: "I am disappointed, but if that's what he truly feels is in his best interest, then we have to support it. Now, I may not feel it's in his best interest, but he does. ... You've got to go and roll with their decision. I gave him every opportunity to come back. I called four coaches for him. But in the end I want you to know you can come back. If you're going to sit out, why not sit out here? Why not practice -- but in the end of the day, you have to roll with it."

On having four former Wildcats represented at this summer's Team USA mini-camp: "There was no college represented like Kentucky (at Team USA mini-camp). Going forward, I think in an event like that, 40 percent of the guys will have played for us. ... I think all of them helped themselves."

On Big Blue Madness: "By the time we hit, we'll have three weeks under our belt [note: team practices can now start at an earlier date, per a new NCAA rule instituted this year]. So we'll have more of an organizational game. ... You're going to watch, like, a basketball game. Instead of like an All-Star game where they're just throwing breakaway dunks. So this will be a little different."

On John Wall getting a new max contract, and DeMarcus Cousins seeming to be heading toward a big pay-day as well: "I think it's about time that they pick up checks."

On his players returning to work his ProCamp: "You're just talking good people who want to come back, who feel like this is home."


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