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ESPN's College GameDay crew knows the passion of Kentucky fans well. The last time they were in Lexington -- in 2010, Calipari's first year at UK -- the fans set a GameDay attendance record with more than 22,000 people in the building for a TV show.

GameDay's back again, and while less fans are expected -- 14,000 tickets have been distributed as of Thursday morning -- it still figures to be a good crowd.

Here's Jay Bilas and Rece Davis talking UK fans and the like:

Rece Davis:

On Rupp Arena: "I don't think that this is the most picturesque place. It's not the most intimidating place. But there is a great aristocratic feel here. You feel like you're someplace important when you come here because fans care so much."

On having GameDay here: "The thing I love about bringing GameDay to Kentucky is the passion of the fans. They want to show the world, the college basketball world, we're Kentucky and you're not. ... There's no place quite like it. Every place we go has its own unique quality that makes it special and enjoyable. But this place is neat. We enjoy coming here, because of the passion for the fans."

On why fans show up like this for a show: "We think that we're part of the reason they come, but I still believe the primary reason they come is to show off their passion for the program. Hopefully we can showcase that."

Jay Bilas:

On what he expects: "A big crowd. Big Blue Nation always shows. ... Kentucky doesn't have a team, they have a program. It's supported no matter what."

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