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We're more than halfway through our look at Kentucky's coaching carousel one week in. If you missed any of the previous installments, we've looked at offensive coordinatordefensive coordinatordefensive linerunning backs and wide receivers.

Things are going to be a little different from here on out, because many of the remaining positions don't match up evenly. The current staff of assistants has slightly modified roles from their predecessors, but I'd like to include everyone we can. Today, we'll be looking at the special teams coordinator. In 2012 that was Greg Nord, who also coached tight ends (tight ends will be coached this year by Vince Marrow). This year's special teams coach is also coaching safeties. We'll take a look at UK's former secondary coach, Mike Cassity, at the same time as we examine the new cornerbacks coach.

2012 coach: Greg Nord (3rd season)

2013 coach: Bradley Dale Peveto

Hire announced: Dec. 15, 2012

Where Peveto came from: Head coach, Northwestern (La.) State (FCS)

The Carousel: Peveto went 14-30 in four seasons at Northwestern State, and his contract wasn't renewed (though people there still think highly of him). Jay Thomas was named head coach of the Demons after previously serving as defensive coordinator at Missouri Southern (Div II). It doesn't look like the Lions have named a new defensive coordinator as of yet, so this is a relatively brief carousel.

Where Nord went: Nord, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't landed a job yet. He's one of three assistants from last year's staff still looking for work, along with Steve Pardue and Chuck Smith.

The Carousel: No job for Nord means there's no carousel on this end.

Total coaches involved: 3

Total schools involved: 3

While this wasn't one of the wilder coaching carousels, it is interesting that this is our first trip into the FCS and into Division II. Kentucky's coaches, past and present, affected positions in high school, Division II, the FCS, the FBS (same as Division I), and the NFL. And we're still only about halfway done. Come back tomorrow.

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