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Charles Barkley returned to Auburn, his alma mater, during Saturday's game against Kentucky.

The current NBA television analyst also jumped into the broadcast booth for a few minutes during the second half to chat.

With Kentucky as a backdrop, he was asked about the current one-and-done rule. He said he disliked the rule and would prefer one that required students to stay in college for multiple years.

He also said that UK, which features at least three potential lottery picks, doesn't have a player who is ready to go the league early.

"John Calipari's a friend of mine," Barkley said. "I love him as a friend. There ain't one player on this Kentucky team who should go pro early. I hate the one-and-done rule in college basketball. Just 'cause there's a rule does not mean you have to do it. Listen, Anthony Davis played well enough for him to go pro. ... I wish some of these parents would talk to their kids."

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