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When Archie Goodwin sat down with John Calipari to discuss his post-season decision, Calipari gave Goodwin the worst-case scenario: Falling to the second round.

"My thing when we sat down: 'Here's the worst that could happen. Can you deal with this?'" Calipari said. "He said, 'Yeah, I can, Coach. I want to do this. I can do this.' I'm convinced that he's in the frame of mind (that) he's prepared to deal with the worst that can happen. He's ready to deal with it."

Goodwin might need to, because he's a nearly consensus second-rounder in mock drafts leading up to Thursday's real draft.

If he does, he'll join a small list of one-and-dones who slid out of round one since the NBA instituted its rule barring high schoolers from entering the draft in 2006.

Here's the full list, along with how their NBA careers have gone so far:


-- DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M (No. 8-ranked prospect, No. 35 draft pick). Averaged 6.7 points and 6.6 rebounds through five years as a Los Angeles Clipper.

-- Bill Walker, Kansas State (No. 7-ranked prospect, No. 47 draft pick). Averaged 5.8 points and 2.0 rebounds through four years with Boston and New York. Played for two D-League teams last season.


-- Hassan Whiteside, Marshall (No. 87-ranked prospect, No. 33 draft pick). Played 19 games in two years with Sacremento before playing for two D-League teams last season.

-- Lance Stephenson, Cincinnati (No. 11-ranked prospect, No. 40 draft pick). Played minimally his rookie season with Indiana before progressing each of the last two years. Averaged 8.8 points in 29 minutes per game and emerged as a role player for the Eastern Conference finalists.

-- Tiny Gallon, Oklahoma (No. 9-ranked prospect, No. 47 draft pick). Has yet to play an NBA game.


-- Josh Selby, Kansas (No. 1-ranked prospect, No. 49 draft pick). Played two low-impact seasons in Memphis before being traded (and then released) by Cleveland. Currently on a D-League team.


-- Quincy Miller, Baylor (No. 7-ranked prospect, No. 38 draft pick). Played mostly in the D-League this season, with a couple brief call-ups to the NBA in his rookie year.


If Goodwin joins this list, he will have to likely be ready for D-League action and a tougher road into an NBA team's rotation.

Calipari believes he can do it, so long as he's committed.

"Would I have thought it's probably in his best interest to come back? Yeah, maybe," Calipari said. "But at the end of the day, what I think doesn't matter. I can give him the information and he's got to make that decision, because whatever he did -coming back or go - he's gotta make it work. I can't make it work for him. No one's going to make it work. He's gotta make it work. He has to have both feet in, one way or another."

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